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  • Prototypen-Zentrum

    Outsourcing prototype welding and freeing up more resources for innovations

    What do battery trays in automotive construction and cable car gondolas have in common? The answer is surprisingly simple: the crucial role their many weld seams play when it comes to safety. Both battery trays and cable car gondolas also have to meet high quality and safety standards. The demands on weld seams are high in other sectors too. But the high-tech welding systems required…

  • TIG

    TIG welding machines and their special functions

    A no-frills go-kart for a fun drive without the fuss? Or a luxury limousine packed with advanced driver assistance systems to ensure effortless handling even at high speeds? Just like in automotive engineering, there is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to TIG welding machines and their special support functions, too.

  • HTW Tauro

    Robotic welding cells – sustainable, safe, cost effective

    What is to be done when large quantities of welded parts have to be produced? Robotic welding cells are the answer, even though the requirements placed on the design of these cells are enormous, as parts of different shapes, weights and sizes demand specific solutions.

  • Learning virtual welding

    Virtual welding: Learn to weld with welding simulators

    Learning to weld? For many this can seem like a battle: hot and challenging to the max. But can the topic of welder training be addressed in a more relaxed and safer way? Is it perhaps possible to increase the quality of the training while at the same time reducing costs? One suitable alternative is the use of welding simulators.

  • Welding of railway vehicles – a customer story

    In the distance it sounds like a storm brewing, however as it draws nearer, the initial murmuring noise grows into a menacing rumble – finally, the freight train thunders past the platform. The force of railway vehicles can be overwhelming, but so can their diversity… What is a railway vehicle? The term covers all vehicles, trains, and trams that run on one or more rails.…

  • HF-Blitz ohne Lichtbogen

    Highly professional TIG welding: HF ignition

    Driving on ice: assuming you have at least four wheels and have undergone intensive training, this should be possible. However, if the driver wishes to drive on mountain slopes with high precision and maximum safety, a vehicle with all-wheel drive is advisable – almost as a basic requirement. There are also parallels with TIG welding here. The maximum quality welding process which demands fine dexterity…

  • Stichlochschweißen in PC Position

    Keyhole welding – definition and variants

    From the food industry through to the aerospace sector, wherever top-quality even weld seams are required, many companies rely on TIG welding. This process could be compared with a premium limousine: high class but lacking somewhat in terms of speed. And this precise problem can also quickly become a problem in production processes that use TIG welding technology: the TIG process can be inefficient due…

  • What is an arc and how does arc welding work?

    A bright, bluish light. Everything’s fizzing and crackling. You can feel the tension in the air. This is what springs to most people’s minds when they hear the word “arc”. Lightning is an arc that you might see during a thunderstorm. On the railroad as well, an arc sometimes forms briefly between the catenary and the pantograph. Welders use an arc in a targeted way…

  • MIG/MAG pulse welding – why do we use it?

    Advantages and disadvantages of the pulsed arc compared to the standard arc Cruising along at high speed on the freeway – in a modern sedan, you feel as if you are simply gliding along rather than putting up a fight against the centrifugal forces. It mirrors the lightness of being, and enables greater distances to be covered with ease. But what would it be like…

  • Welding and Its Various Challenges in Shipbuilding – A Customer Story

    Welding in shipbuilding – a Herculean task. The Gulet shipyard in Croatia primarily builds cruise ships in the form of large yachts, so is well placed to report extensively on the extreme welding challenges faced in the industry: limited space requires great skill and reliable selection of the suitable welding position. Welding while lying down or kneeling are par for the course here. The rugged,…