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Smart Technologies

Metal 3D printing: shapes on demand—a utopia?

We are all living in volatile times. The energy revolution, geopolitical tensions, and uncertain supply chains are putting us all to the test almost every day. Discussions are often controversial and heated. But one thing is sure: production is more challenging than ever—because in the future it will have to be more resource-efficient, faster, more flexible, more cost-effective, more environmentally friendly, and in small batch sizes. This is where metal 3D printing comes in.…

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Sustainable Welding & Awareness

When Light Becomes a Danger

Welding is an exciting and challenging job. In addition to manual dexterity, welders need extensive knowledge when it comes to choosing the right filler metals, welding parameters, clamping devices and welding sequences. Demanding and well-paid, this profession is both interesting and varied, but it also involves risks, especially if welders fail to protect themselves adequately during manual welding. Danger of Arc Radiation! In arc welding, the air between the electrode and the workpiece is ionized by applying an electrical voltage.…

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Welding Knowhow

TIG Welding Made Easy—So What’s the Secret?


With a steady hand, the welder feeds the filler metal into the weld pool. Centimeter by centimeter. Meter by meter. Always with the same even motion, creating a wonderfully neat weld. We’re talking, of course, about TIG welding, the most challenging of all welding processes, requiring the utmost concentration and dexterity. To achieve a professional finish takes considerable expertise, years of practice, and a lot of skill. That is, until now. Because TIG welding just got much easier. Read on…

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Smart Technologies

COBOT – when manual welding just isn´t enough


Guidelines as far as the eye can see. Formula 1 calls them regulations; in welding technology they’re standards and specifications. And as in motor racing, when it comes to quality and safety the demands placed on modern-day welding are very high. Welds that can be reproduced at any time and seamless weld data documentation are no longer rare, but rather state of the art. If welding takes place manually, it is often impossible to satisfy these requirements. The solution is…

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