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Welding Knowhow

Pulsing as a universal solution in steel welding

An all-singing, all-dancing solution? In many areas of life, they still don’t exist yet. But is it true that there is now ONE universal solution in the field of welding systems? Is there one system to suit all applications? Is there ONE ideal process? Of course not. However, we are talking exclusively about the area of steel welding and the MAG process. One thing quickly becomes clear: where pulsing is used, many things become much easier, and this also applies…

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Smart Technologies

Outsourcing prototype welding and freeing up more resources for innovations


What do battery trays in automotive construction and cable car gondolas have in common? The answer is surprisingly simple: the crucial role their many weld seams play when it comes to safety. Both battery trays and cable car gondolas also have to meet high quality and safety standards. The demands on weld seams are high in other sectors too. But the high-tech welding systems required for prototype construction often cost a fortune … …

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Smart Technologies Welding Stories

Welding of railway vehicles – a customer story

In the distance it sounds like a storm brewing, however as it draws nearer, the initial murmuring noise grows into a menacing rumble – finally, the freight train thunders past the platform. The force of railway vehicles can be overwhelming, but so can their diversity… What is a railway vehicle? The term covers all vehicles, trains, and trams that run on one or more rails. These include railroad vehicles such as locomotives, railcars, rail tractors, and passenger or freight wagons,…

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Welding Knowhow

Highly professional TIG welding: HF ignition


Driving on ice: assuming you have at least four wheels and have undergone intensive training, this should be possible. However, if the driver wishes to drive on mountain slopes with high precision and maximum safety, a vehicle with all-wheel drive is advisable – almost as a basic requirement. There are also parallels with TIG welding here. The maximum quality welding process which demands fine dexterity is also suitable for domestic use with simple touchdown ignition. However, for anyone wanting to…

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