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Welding Knowhow

Weld sequencing: Greater control for better results

It knows what needs to be done and how. It reacts to the conditions and reliably guides welders to the desired result. It helps to quickly train welders and offers the best possible control over every weld. It supports companies in saving time and resources. It’s called weld sequencing. But what exactly is it? Welding with sequences is hugely beneficial for welders and companies alike. “Sequences” involve individual steps or instructions which guide workers through the welding process. Digital weld…

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Welding Knowhow

How does a new welding torch come into being?

Hour after hour, five days a week: anyone whose job involves MIG/MAG welding can’t help but know welding torches inside out. So what exactly makes a good welding torch? Is what qualified welders regularly reach for at work really the optimum solution? These are the sort of questions that are explored by the developers of welding torches. We took a look over their shoulder and now explain how new welding torches come into being and why the human factor plays…

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Welding Stories

Women who weld: Tatjana’s route to becoming a mechanical engineer

Frauen die Schweißen

Goodbye pantsuit. Hello workshop. After learning a lot as an office administrator and with a great deal of experience under her belt, Tatjana had reached the point where she knew that “This isn’t it. This isn’t what I want to do. I’m going to look for something new.” And just like that she left her office job and started an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer. Read on to find out how she got on after making the switch, the advantages…

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Welding Knowhow

Six things you didn’t know about your welding system


Successful welding has a lot to do with experience – but sometimes experience in a job can also have its disadvantages, such as if operator errors become routine or state-of-the-art welding systems are handled in the exact same way as decades-old models. And be honest now: how many welders flick through hundreds of pages of operating instructions when they switch to a new system? In this blog article, you will found out six little known facts about your welding system…

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Sustainable Welding & Awareness

The consequences of welding without sufficient protection


Can you imagine a firefighter tackling a blaze without a helmet? Or a surgeon operating on a critically ill patient without sterile protective clothing? It’s almost unthinkable. Safety is paramount in these scenarios and the same applies to welders, whose work can pose significant health risks. This makes it all the more important to ensure they have sufficient protection measures in place. Failing to do so can even result in hospitalization, as is the case for welding and application engineer…

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Smart Technologies

Industrial plasma cleaning of surfaces in joining technology


It is a bright flame that can resemble a welding arc, but has nothing to do with joining itself – at most it is involved in the preparation. The arc moves over metal and plastic surfaces with millimeter precision, controlled with the highest level of accuracy by a robot. Afterwards the workpieces look the same as before, but on closer inspection significant differences are apparent.…

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