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Renting welding equipment instead of buying it? Here’s why.


Imagine the scenario: you have landed a huge order for a considerable steel structure, but you do not have enough skilled workers or welding equipment at your company. No problem, you will immediately strengthen your team with agency staff that can be recruited at short notice. But you also need additional welding equipment to cope with the peak workload. What do you do? You could buy some new machines quickly, but at a high, and not necessarily fully foreseeable, cost. Or you could rent the required welding equipment and have them delivered straight to your door – without any great expense.


The advantages of renting: flexibility and cost control

Renting welding equipment has some significant advantages: maximum flexibility depending on the order situation, full transparency of costs, and always the right system for the current requirements. Especially in the event of a sudden increase in demand or unexpected equipment failure, a rented welding machine promises clear advantages over a purchase. Fronius therefore offers optimum rental solutions around the world – standardized or individually tailored to customer requirements. Users not only hire manual welding machines for use on construction sites, but also systems for complete robotic welding plants.


EQIN: Specialist in the rental of welding systems

When it comes to hiring out welding equipment, proximity to the customer is particularly important. That is why Fronius works with partners around the world, such as EQIN in the Netherlands. In addition to sales, EQIN specializes in the temporary rental of a wide variety of industrial equipment, including welding machines. Paul Verloop, sales manager at EQIN, knows from years of experience the reasons why many companies prefer to rent rather than buy: “In addition to standardized models, our customers appreciate the flexible rental options, which are individually tailored to their needs, as well as the transparency of the costs involved. The expense per week is easy to calculate and our short delivery times allow maximum flexibility. For example, we can deliver one hundred welding machines within just one day.” The user decides how long the devices remain on site: from one week to several years, everything is possible. And best of all, all the rental equipment is fully tested and calibrated, saving work for the customer.


No matter whether you want to avoid bottlenecks in production, keep the welding equipment fleet flexible and up-to-date with the latest technology, set the risk of failure to virtually zero, or test a welding machine before making a purchase decision: in these cases, the rental of welding equipment is an ideal solution. Thanks to the fact that servicing and repairs are included in the price, the equipment is optimally maintained during the entire rental period. Find out more about the Fronius rental program on our website.


You can also read about why calibrating welding equipment is so important in our blog article.


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    Namrata sagare
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    I want fronious welding on rent for 3 month

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      Thank you for your interest! We`ll get in touch with you.

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    23. February 2022 at 1:02

    Love the idea. Stay up to date with equipment when you rent!

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